Smeg have recently teamed up with Thumbstar, a leading publisher of over 3,000 mobile games worldwide, to support the exciting launch of their latest game, Fridge Words.

As more and more people than ever before are playing mobile games, and in particular word games, Fridge Words, an exciting new word-based puzzle game has been launched, and is set to become one of the most popular ever.

800x1280_screen_3With over 100,000 downloads in less than a fortnight since the game was first launched on Apple’s iStore, Fridge Words has already made #1 and top 5 Free Word Games, in the UK and 9 other countries, on iPad and iPhone respectively. Apple has also included it in its ‘New and Noteworthy’ section of iStore.

To inject some extra style into the game, the original retro fridge backdrop has recently way for the inclusion of the Smeg FAB28, the instantly recognisable 50’s style retro fridge, renowned for its iconic and sleekly rounded curves.

800x1280_screen_6John Davies, Brand Manager for Smeg UK commented “Working with Thumbstar Games on Fridge Words is an exciting venture for us. It’s fantastic to see Smeg appliances being used in an entirely new and creative way, and on a game which obviously has such universal appeal and charm.”

Fridge Words is now available on Google Play here:

To download Fridge Words on iOS, visit:

And check out the video here: